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Master in Human Development

The Master in Human Development (MDH) It was approved by MEC / CAPES in the year 2009, having started its first class in March 2010.

Linked to the Graduate Program in Education and Human Development (PPGEDH), it is structured around the theme of human development, deploying into two search axes: Human development, Identity and Training; contexts, Social Practice and Human Development.

The MDH is a strict sense master with two-year during which students must take courses of the Program's concentration areas and prepare a dissertation to be defended before a panel of doctors of the area.


The MDH aims to train researchers and generate knowledge from an interdisciplinary perspective of human development, having as thread formation (formal and informal) in its various contexts.

Specific objectives demand:

a) providing theoretical and research training those, because of their social commitment, They seek to understand the actions taken by the government and other bodies to regulate and investigate their impact on directions of training policies to be made effective citizenship.

b) Train researchers able to investigate and reflect on the various training environments, its forms and contexts, and point out their contributions to human development.

c) Foster dialogue and permanent exchange with the Graduate Programs

Professional Expertise

The egress of the MDH has theoretical and practical skills in Human Development, qualified to work in this field of knowledge with critical and investigative spirit. It will be a researcher / lecturer able to apply, joint and integrated, multidisciplinary knowledge from the various areas that make up the Master in DH. Thereby, the program may expand the interface of the University of Taubaté with the different spheres of private organizations, public and non-governmental, with a view to training of highly qualified human resources for the professional activity of the formulation, completion and evaluation of social policies, and attentive to the development of the subject throughout his life.

Coordination: prof. Drag. Dear Edna Maria de Oliveira ChamonEndereço: Visconde do Rio Branco Street 210 - Centro - CEP: 12100-000Contact: (12) 36241657


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